ReactJS Development: Know Everything About It

September 27, 2019 Hexamarvel
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ReactJS, you must have heard about this phrase at least once in your life right! There are so many people out there who know about it and then there are some who are unaware of it. In this article, we are going to see and understand what this ReactJS is and know everything about it too.

What is ReactJS?

Let us first start with understanding what is ReactJS. It is a tool developed by Facebook way back in 2011. The main reason for the development of ReactJS is to solve a particular problem that developers usually face while building user interfaces. Usually, developers have to rewrite JavaScript from time to time as their modules keep on changing frequently. But, with ReactJS they can stop writing code repeatedly for the entire interface and concentrate only on one module only.

Reactjs development

It is a front-end library whose main purpose is to arrange HTML elements into proper components. Most of the people confuse ReactJS as a framework but it is important for you to remember that it isn’t. ReactJS is a library that is used in interfaces by developers.

React JS Combines JavaScript and HTML

HTML and JavaScript are two entirely different things but ReactJS combines both react and HTML code into one forming ReactJS. Now, the developers can incorporate HTML code directly into JavaScript and start writing on it with ease. Developers who are familiar with only HTML can also write code and incorporate it into JavaScript.

Components Break The UIs

ReactJS is all about components and this library will help in making the UIs simpler and more useful. If you use this ReactJS in web applications, it will become easier for the developer to break user interface into bits which allow users to easily access the application. One component can be broken down into a lot of subcomponents and you can use all of them as per your requirement. This will make it pretty simple for the users to access a web application or a normal application.

State Helps in Saving All Data

There are some parts of data in web applications that need to be changed with time. This changing of data can be made easy with the help of the “State” feature in ReactJS. This feature is a simple yet interesting option which will help developers to save all the data that they have. This way it becomes easy for them to access data whenever they want and this is a great way to keep things under check. Facebook also proposes some ways which will help in managing this state if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things present there.

Virtual DOM Makes ReactJS Faster

ReactJS developers always try to find some new ways to optimize their web applications. One such way is Virtual DOM. This latest feature in ReactJS makes it faster and a great option for all the users out there. It observes all the patterns on applications, keeps track of data changing and ensure that everything is updated with time.

Why Prefer ReactJS?

Components are Better

ReactJS means components. Any complex code will be broken down into the components and they are stored like that. These components are always a better option to go with than the templates. They are simple and easy to understand. These components reduce the lines present in a program and make it look simpler. When you click on a particular component, it will then expand into the HTML code. This way your entire program will be made simpler and easy to understand. If you want to edit your program, all you have to do is go to that particular component and edit that part only.

Good with Integration

ReactJS is one such state which can be integrated with any tool that you want to. The implementation of the state is pretty simple and it provides robust integration facility for the users. Using as well as understanding this ReactJS is pretty simple. This is the reason why most of the developers are rushing towards this amazing tool.

Complete Control of JavaScript

There is a plethora of programming ways out there but ReactJS stands on top of all of them. The main reason for this is that it gives the developer complete control of JavaScript. Most of the developers use HTML in the JavaScript and modify the code according to their requirement but ReactJS development does the exactly opposite thing. It gives complete control of the entire JavaScript for the developer and developer can make modifications in JavaScript according to his or her requirement.

Small UI with React

There is no need for you to build a complete user interface with the ReactJS. You can start with a small code and start working your way. There is no risk in designing simple user interface with the help of ReactJS. You can start with small programming and then crawl up to the top of the user interface building.

One-Way Data Binding

As stated earlier, ReactJS uses DOM for its user interface. This DOM is optimized for quick webpage loading and there are so many other interesting benefits from it. If you change any particular state in the program, it may take time to load. But the scenario is completely opposite with ReactJS. It is completely optimized and no matter which state changed, it will load the HTML code quickly.

Better Tools

ReactJS have some great tools that make it exciting for the developers. The chrome extensions and plugins of React have made it the most preferred option for developers.

Reactjs coding

React Ecosystem is Growing

ReactJS is from Facebook and hence the company is trying to make it much better. The regular updates from Facebook for ReactJS are very beneficial for the developers. The recent yarn package manager is compatible with the old package manager npm. The company made specific improvements in this new package manager and made it even more interesting for the users. Facebook is trying pretty hard to make ReactJS easier for all the developers across the world.

On an ending note, It is always the user call to prefer the best for their business. If one chooses ReactJs development for a business website, then our article will definitely help you all to get an about Reactjs. For any Reactjs development, help contact the Reactjs service provider and explore the features of magical React.

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