Top 10 PHP Frameworks That You Should Consider for Website Development!

March 22, 2022 Hexamarvel
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What are the top PHP Frameworks for web development in 2022? In this blog post, we’ve mentioned the 10 best PHP frameworks with their benefits and reasons to choose for your business needs.

PHP is the widely-used programming language for website development. PHP’s sophisticated frameworks are one of the reasons for the language’s continued dominance as the most popular server-side administration language.

They give a foundation for the website which you can tailor as per your specific needs and requirements.

PHP frameworks make tasks more efficient, enhance scalability (allowing your website to scale as it grows in size), provide stability and security, and reduce repetitive code creation.

As per a W3Techs report, around 79% of all websites utilise PHP. And, it is quite prevalent in server-side programming. 

However, because there are so many PHP frameworks to pick from, our PHP development company compiled a list of the top ten PHP frameworks to assist you in making the right choice. So, without any further delay, let’s get started! 

Let’s Find Out More About What Is PhP?

Before diving into the PHP framework evaluation, it’s crucial to understand a little more about PHP and how it may help you with website development or other programming tasks.

PHP frameworks are pre-written PHP code libraries that you may utilise right away in your project. The features are further enhanced by the developers, giving the project a distinct appearance.

PHP frameworks offer code libraries for frequently used operations, reducing the amount of original code required.

PHP is also used to develop the websites of tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Zoom.

10 Best PhP Frameworks You Should Definitely Know About! 


If frameworks were human, Laravel would most likely be the king. Laravel is the go-to PHP framework if you want to develop a stunning website for your business.

Its widespread demand can be attributed to its ease of use and easy learning curve. So, while it may appear to be a simple tool at first glance, but it will prove to be the beast when it comes to developing the best web products.

Laravel includes a number of built-in features that enable rapid PHP development services on any PHP-enabled web server.

Why choose Laravel?

  • It has a simple structure that is easier to grasp.
  • PHP has a large community of best developers.
  • It has a compact unit that we can use for testing.
  • Laravel templates are highly customized, which suits the varied needs of businesses.


Code igniter is a PHP MVC framework that distinguishes itself from the competition by ensuring superior performance through reduced code volume.

Code igniter delivers tremendous speed because the basic system only requires a couple of minor libraries. 

Code igniter feels that using additional parsers is unnecessary because PHP has a built-in mechanism for embedding code. As a result, the page loads faster because the code does not need to be converted.

Why choose CodeIgnitor?

  • The MVC architecture of this framework allows you to segregate distinct elements of your website for easier management.
  • Code igniter ensures URLs are short and optimized for search engines. 
  • Code igniter has several add-ons that give additional functionality.


If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich website, CakePHP is probably the most elegant and straightforward PHP framework for it as per our web development company.

It is one of the easiest frameworks to grasp because it belongs to the CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) group.

On top of it, CakePHP’s security controls, such as SQL injection mitigation, XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) prevention, and input validation, make it more convenient for commercial websites. 

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Why Choose Cake PHP?

  • It uses ORM (Object Relational Mapping) techniques to assist developers in writing good queries and code.
  • It has plug-in support, which helps to keep the code tidy.
  • CakePHP enables developers to write reusable code, which saves time and effort.
  • CakePHP makes debugging and verifying any website a breeze.


Yii is a PHP open-source platform for rapidly developing websites with good speed. It is a global website development framework that you can use to create any type of website. Yii also implies Model-View-Controller to construct it.

And for its component-based structure and comprehensive caching support, it is excellent for large-scale website development such as communities, E-commerce websites, content management systems (CMS), portals, and among other things.

Why choose Yii?

  • Yii is an object-oriented framework that is swift and efficient.
  • Our developers at PHP development company can write simple and more code in less time with Yii.
  • A developer can quickly create a website using the Yii framework in a short amount of time.
  • This framework is extremely safe and has good third-party module compatibility. 


Another excellent PHP framework is Symphony. Its component structure is extremely versatile, allowing you to pick and select the components you want for your project.

Symphony uses reusable PHP modules to make tasks like form creation, routing authorization, object setup, templating, and many more such tasks.

Because of the large number of functions available, Symfony has a steep learning curve. Furthermore, the Symfony Community is massive, with over 600,000 active programmers.

Why choose Symphony? 

  • The PHP development services with symphony make debugging easier because of its built-in toolbar.
  • Symphony uses the Twig templating engine, which is simple to learn, fast, and safe.
  • Over 4,000 Symphony packages are available for download and usage on Packagist.


Zend is an open-source framework that adheres to the MVC design as described. It will assist you in establishing a foundation for your website.

When compared to Laravel, the platform is a little more difficult to understand.

Zend may not always provide the best speed because of its complexity, yet the web development company considers it among the fastest PHP frameworks. Zend was created using an agile methodology to ensure that your business will have a high-quality website.

Why choose Zend? 

  • Zend has a sizable and well-documented user community.
  • We can remove modules and components from the website that are no longer needed.
  • It works with a variety of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.

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FuelPHP is a powerful PHP framework that is free and open-source. The framework’s developers want it to be led by the community.

This framework is based on the HMVC concept, which is comparable to the MVC approach. As a result of this feature, less memory is used and content structures are better widgetized.

One of the most powerful features of FuelPHP is its modularity. The framework allows developers to break down larger projects into smaller pieces. Even if you design these modules separately, putting them together won’t be difficult. It’s also simple to repurpose your modules.

Why choose FuelPHP?

  • Efficient authentication packages are available for PHP development services. 
  • For creating high-performance websites, this is a good option.
  • Additional security mechanisms
  • The Framework encourages the reuse of code.


Phalcon is an intriguing frame because it is not written in PHP and is instead available as a C-listed PHP extension. This does not necessitate the use of the C programming language.

It is, however, quite simple because it is not written in PHP and is compiled directly from the C language. Phalcon can handle many more operations per second than any other framework.

Phalcon has a number of features, including an ORM, storage, templating, and security, in addition to its blazingly fast performance.

Why choose Phalcon? 

  • Phalcon produces excellent results and is already assembled because it is written in C.
  • It gives the website low margins.
  • The SQL syntax allows you to design queries for database engines that a variety of database systems may use.   


PHPixie is a framework that was first released in 2012 with the objective of allowing developers to create high-performance read-only websites. PHPixie, like FuelPHP, uses the HMVC layout design and is constructed with standalone modules that may be utilised without the framework.

PHPixie modules are 100% unit tested and need only with the bare minimum of dependencies. It has conventional ORM (object-relational mapping) capabilities, as well as caching, input validation, authentication, and authorisation.

PHPixie also supports the HAML markup language and has a comprehensive routing mechanism, and supports schema migration.

Why choose PHPixie?

  • Remarkable Routing system
  • It is a lightweight framework that supports MongoDB. 
  • The Framework encourages the reuse of code, which makes the work of PHP development company easier.
  • It allows for greater adaptability because everything is easily extendable and simple to understand.


This mini PHP framework is designed to be lightweight and is excellent for PHP development services and RESTful APIs. URL routing, client-side HTTP cache, sessions, cookie encrypting, and other useful features are included in this PHP API platform.

Flash messages are also supported across HTTP queries. To design APIs, Slim Framework provides extremely simple principles and work-steps. Slim’s codebase is light since it does not rely on third-party libraries.

Why choose Slim? 

  • Slim is a programming language used by web developers to create Restful APIs.
  • Slim is simple to use and set up.
  • It has thoroughly developed documentation to guide you better

To conclude – 

All the major PHP frameworks may now be compared and contrasted in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, selecting the appropriate PHP framework for your needs is critical.

How you can do it?

  • Make a thorough examination of your company’s requirements.
  • This is something you should discuss with your PHP development company!
  • Choose the best web framework that best meets your requirements and get assistance from our qualified professionals.

To get started, contact us and we’ll brainstorm your idea, take into account your market conditions, competition, user base, and any other relevant criteria before assisting you in selecting the “ideal” website development framework.

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